About Us

United Drug provides outsourced commercial solutions to international healthcare companies. We specialise in supply chain, packaging, sales and marketing, medical and regulatory services. We operate in five major international markets and employ over 7,000 people around the world. United Drug operates through three divisions...

Sales, Marketing & Medical

provides contract sales outsourcing and related marketing and regulatory services to healthcare manufacturers.

Healthcare Supply Chain

combines all of the Group’s healthcare logistics based businesses.

Packaging & Specialty

provides outsourced packaging solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers. The division also provides enhanced care services directly to the patient in their own home for specialty products.

Our Vision

To enable Healthcare Companies to operate more effectively – by providing better solutions for providers, payers and patients.

Flexible, compliant, and service driven sales, marketing and regulatory solutions.

Quality, cost effective specialist supply chain solutions.

Innovative, secure commercial and clinical packaging solutions.

Evolution Of The Business


United Drug founded in West of Ireland


Listed on ISEQ


Acquisition of Ashfield Healthcare


Acquisition of Alliance Healthcare


Acquisition of Sharp


Acquisition of Pharmexx, Bilcare, DSA, Synopia, & Watermeadow.

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