“We ensure that the relevant statutory requirements are in place, that the highest standards are adhered to and good environmental practice is applied in managing our businesses. ”

Corporate Social Responsibility

With over 7,000 employees across the globe, United Drug recognises the importance of acting responsibly as a group of companies. United Drug has strived to integrate corporate social responsibility into our businesses in all of its markets. All of the companies within our Group are encouraged to embrace responsibility for their actions and we encourage and assist them to have a positive impact through their activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities and other stakeholders. We are committed to embedding the highest professional and ethical standards throughout our organisation, ensuring that the Group’s reputation and the trust of its stakeholders are the foundation of its success and are of fundamental importance for the future success of the organisation.


United Drug is committed to ensuring that we limit the impact that our businesses have on the environment. We ensure that the relevant statutory requirements are in place, that the highest standards are adhered to and good environmental practice is applied in managing our businesses.


Examples of our ambitions across the Group to ensure that we are avoiding damaging the environment where it is avoidable include our Healthcare Supply Chain’s participation in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) reducing our annual carbon emissions by 639.3 tonnes (18%) since 2008 in that division.


As well as this, the new building extension at the Sales, Marketing and Medical Service’s headquarters has been built to reduce the impact that it has on the environment, including rain water harvesting, solar hot water heating and creating green roof spaces. The Ashfield House extension was also selected as one of the finalists in the Sustainable Urban design category of the Green Footprints Challenge Awards 2012. The award encourages businesses across Leicestershire to act in a green and sustainable manner.


United Drug is dedicated to ensuring that the workplaces across the Group are safe and enjoyable.


United Drug strives to ensure that everyone who works for us or who uses our services benefits from our commitment to health, safety, quality and employee support. We have on-going programmes to continually improve our performance in these areas and a dedicated team to support and monitor our progress.


Across the Group, we are dedicated to supporting the well-being of our employees. We have begun upon a journey to provide Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) to any employee that would like to benefit from the service, ensuring the well-being of employees and their families.


Human capital development

United Drug has a proven track record of developing people’s careers in a proactive fashion. Our people’s ability to drive and develop existing and new business opportunities continues to be a central pillar of our growth strategy. Our success is based on our ability to attract, develop and retain talent at every level in the organisation. We believe our preparedness to present our people with significant responsibility at an early stage in their careers is something that provides an exciting environment for ambitious professionals and is a central aspect of our ability to continue to attract talented individuals.


Our approach is focussed on developing and enhancing the leadership and management capability of the entire organisation. We know that how we reach our goals is critically important. Our corporate values of Ingenuity, Focus, Energy, Expertise and Partnership emanate from our senior leadership cohort and all of our people initiatives are designed to develop and enhance these values.



This year United Drug decided to channel fundraising support into a charity theme, that was chosen by employees, via an online voting mechanism, to be ‘children’s welfare’. Our chosen charities in this regard were Barnardos in the UK and Ireland and United Way in the United States.



In March, a major fundraising initiative was launched across the Group for the various charities. In Ireland activities ranged from bake sales, to car washes, gala entertainment evenings and a ‘golf classic’. In the UK there were car boot sales, table quizzes and a charity song. In the US employees participated in a 24 hour walk around their building. In October a group of 28 staff members flew to Spain to walk 78km of the Camino de Santiago as part of our fundraising efforts.


Other support that we have provided to the communities local to our offices has included the continuous sponsorship of the talented musician Harriet Eyley in Leicestershire. Our Worthy Causes Fund has continued to fund her further education as she progresses as a musician. The money raised for the Worthy Causes Fund is through golf days, a parachute jump, a football tournament and various other fundraising events. Through our business in Northern Ireland we also support a cancer charity, and contribute needed product to the developing world via ‘International Health Partnership’ (IHP).



United Drug remains committed to the improvement and expansion of our CSR programme as we believe that responsible and sustainable business practices and responsible engagement with our communities enhances our reputation and staff morale to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Speciality Packaging at work

Photo Captions:

(1) Harriet Eyley, soprano opera singer.

(2) Worthy Causes Fund parachute jump.

(3) & (4)Employees from across the United Drug Group walked part of the Camino de Santiago to raise money for Barnardos.